Spotting Veron and other stories


[The eight stories in this collection from Ankush Saikia range in locales from the Assam countryside to the Khasi hills, and from Delhi to London. Two Ending deals with a superstitious panwallah’s attempts to make sense of the increasing violence around him, while The Test looks at an episode in the life of a Shillong schoolboy named Robert. Jet City Woman recounts the adventures of a reluctant journalist over one night in India’s capital city, even as Spotting Veronchronicles a long and atmospheric journey from northeast India to Delhi across the vast width of India. The Dog at the Wedding returns to rural Assam for the tale of an orphan’s connection with a stray dog, and A House in Laban examines the longings of a young man who is an exile from the hill town he loves. Caught Somewhere in Time stays on in Shillong, with a now middle-aged and married Robert, and is a leisurely look at ordinary lives lived in forgotten places. The Island, which rounds off the collection, is on the other hand a meditation on the changing nature of our world, and how old connections can be found in new beginnings. Comprising of previously published and unpublished work, Saikia’s stories offer a glimpse into a lesser known side of India.]

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Aditi Garg’s review in the Sunday Tribune, August 2011

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